Lithuania music and theatre academy music innovation study centre

The study centre has been opened in 2014 after the implementation of the National Integrated Program’s project “Development and renewal of technological and information infrastructure for studies and research and artistic practice of Lithuanian creative and cultural industries” which was worth 1 mln. euro.

The center is equipped with 3 acoustically sensitive rooms: an auditorium, a spherical sound recording studio, a studio editing and control room. By purchasing equipment that has no analogues in the world, the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater can carry out unique projects. The Music Innovation Study Center will allow LMTA to develop creative industries that combine art and technology. The center focuses on digital music technology innovations and synergies for the development of national and international art, science and study programs.

When designing these spaces, particular attention was paid to acoustics and sound insulation of the Music Innovation Center studios. All acoustically sensitive rooms are located in adjacent rooms, therefore box-box type insulation was installed, double doors and windows were also installed, a sound-insulating dome wass formed in the spherical studio alongside “floating” floors in all rooms. The studios were set up on the top floor of an old building in the city center, so there was a plenty of challenges for both designers and contractors.

The really special room of this project is the spherical studio of surround sound. The intended use of this studio is very wide – from sound recordings to live concerts and rehearsals. Therefore, adaptive acoustic means were provided – double-acting panels mounted on the walls, which change the acoustic properties of the plane. These can change the reverberation time of the room from 0.35 seconds to 0.60 seconds in a few moments. A metal grid mounted below a special acoustic ceiling was also designed to install electro-acoustic systems at any point in the room, including a 36-column hemispherical layout scenario that creates a unique surround sound effect. The result of this great work is of the whole team, especially of the customer. This is a truly unique cultural space that has no analogues in the Baltic States.

Purpose: cultural and educational objects

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Materials used:
Resonant panels
Fiber panels
Membrane panels
Acoustic curtains
Adaptive acoustics
Acoustically transparent materials
Acoustic carpet

Photographs: Lithuania Music and Theatre Academy Music Innovation Study Centre.