Vilnius Juozas Tallat-Kelpša conservatoire concert hall

The primary function of the conservatory chamber music hall is a space for classical music rehearsals and concerts. The room is also suitable for giving speeches, conferences, lectures.

The acoustic concept is dictated by the function of the primary space – an unobstructed space adapted to the sound of chamber music with a suitable structure of primary sound reflections and the possibility to adapt the space to speech messages.

The concept of the interior is influenced by the needs of acoustics and is created on the principle of matching contrasts.

The structure of the room is of classical proportions (acoustic terminology – “shoebox”) with a predominant clear architectural meter – equal pilaster, window and other element arrangement is combined with expressive, dynamic forms, which are concentrated in the auditorium of the hall.

The directional expressive planes form volumes which were extracted from high-density gypsum boards. The materials used ensure that the low frequency range is not suppressed in the room. The planes of the formed volumes are oriented at selective angles. This reduces the negative effects of standing sound waves and ensures proper sound propagation of mid and high frequency range sounds in the room. High-density draperies were used to dim the windows. Covering the window areas reduces the reverberation time of the room and improves the acoustic environment for speech messages.

In this space, an attempt was made to create a harmony between avant-garde forms of buildings – classical and dynamic. This combination should inspire a young musician not only to learn the doctrines of classical music, but to also give them the courage to interpret and improvise.

Purpose: cultural and educational objects

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Materials used:
Sound diffusers
Acoustic draperies
Membrane panels

Photographs: Vilnius Juozas Tallat-Kelpša Conservatoire Concert Hall. © Audrius Priveda