The Small Hall of the Lithuanian National Drama Theater

Several acoustically sensitive spaces are being designed at the Lithuanian National Drama Theater: the new musical theater hall, sound recording studio, small hall, and acting hall.

Acoustics. Interior.

The team from “Akustika plius” came to the Lithuanian National Drama Theater with the aim of achieving maximum acoustic comfort by leveraging their experience, technical knowledge, and minimizing damage to the visual concept of the spaces as much as possible. Acoustic comfort in the premises was determined not only by architectural and interior solutions but also by structural and engineering decisions. The theater adopted complex sound insulation solutions to prevent the ingress of unwanted sounds from the building environment and other building spaces. Complex interior and architectural acoustic solutions were also applied. Architectural acoustics operate through the volumes, forms, materials of the spaces, and often create visual noise. Subtly hidden acoustics require chaotic geometry and framework, visually clarified materiality, which is just one of the designers’ goals. Non-standard acoustic constructions were formed to be visually covered. Visually identical finishes of acoustic materials were sought, which would function radically differently according to acoustic needs. Technological elements for equipment installation were integrated into the acoustic finish. Static surface linear graphics are formed horizontally and vertically. The color solution is given to the function – the “black box” hall. During performances, the black space pulsates with reflections of light. “Acoustics pose challenges to aesthetics, and sensitive compromise is our goal and inspiration” – Architect Gintarė Privedienė.

Materials used:

Partially milled fiber gypsum boards with and without perforation

Acoustically transparent fabric

Sound diffusers


Visual Information: Lithuanian National Drama Theater. © Lithuanian National Drama Theater, “Kančo studija”

Photographer: © Leonas Garbačauskas