Noise control is a set of measures (passive and active measures) that helps to ensure an appropriate level of ambient noise. We design passive and active noise control solutions. We can prepare strategies and projects regarding noise control.

According to the noise control strategy we can prepare room layout, give requirements and recommendations to other project elements. If needed, we can give feedback and consult about chosen solutions. We can compose measurement and testing plan, evaluate results.

Cinema center Romuva reconstruction

1938 – 1940 Designed by architect Nikolai Mačiulskis, the Romuva cinema is classified as an Art Deco, functionalist / modernist architectural style. The project of the main cinema hall of the acoustic interior aims to maintain the direction of modernism by preserving and emphasizing the most valuable existing architectural and structural elements.

Lithuania music and theatre academy music innovation study centre

Lithuania music and theatre academy LMTA music innovation study centre was opened in 2014. There are 3 acoustically sensitive spaces in the centre: spherical sound recording studio, studio montage and control room, auditorium. We have prepared architectural acoustics, acoustic interior, sound insulation and noise control projects for the spaces above. The projects were completed with contract control.