Lithuania National Martynas Mažvydas Library Sound recording studio

In 2008, Lithuana National Martynas Mažvydas Library has started the reconstruction of the main building, which was completed in 2016.

The reconstruction was carried out with the funds of the State Investment Program and partially financed with the funds of the European Union Cohesion Fund, as well as the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania. The total value of the reconstruction of the main building of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania was 25 million euros.

After the reconstruction, sound recording and editing-management studios were installed here. The sound recording studio envisages a very wide range of activities: cognitive, educational and educational lectures. Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the music industries, sound recording processes and get a practical touch on their creations. The National Library will give visitors the opportunity to record an audio book, thus immortalizing their lyrics, poems or other creative works. For musicians or music bands it will be possible to record a professional album, song or rehearsal. The recording studio will also be digitizing the library’s audio and video documents.

In the sound recording and installation premises, it was necessary to provide not only architectural, but also building acoustics and noise control solutions. The obtained result is the synthesis of complex, unifying engineering systems, sound insulation, technological and architectural acoustics solutions for room partitions.

Acoustic solutions

The sound recording studio of the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania was installed in the already formed premises, dry construction products and constructions were selected for the building acoustics solutions. Special sound insulation constructions were chosen for the sound insulation of the partitions – acoustic profiles, anti-vibration brackets, damping gaskets and strips, high-density drywall panels, light floating floor systems and other structures with easy and fast installation with very high sound insulation indicators.

The principles of architectural acoustics in the rooms dedicated to sound recording and sound integration require the formation of a dynamic and active geometry of the rooms. Any corners in the rooms were prevented alongside installation of broken ceiling planes and asymmetrical shapes. The materiality of the acoustic interior has been chosen in such a way as to soften the acoustically necessary forms of the room as much as possible. This was done in order to ensure the required reverberation time in the premises, but at the same time keeping the overall visual context.

The acoustic solutions of the recording studio were formed on the principle of “live end – dead end”. Well-sound-absorbing materials were distributed on one side of the room and well-sound-reflecting on the other. In this way, the sound director can choose the location of the microphone depending on the desired result – more vivid sound or slightly drier.

Purpose: cultural and educational objects

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Materials used:
Resonant panels
Sound diffusers
Fiber panels
Acoustic carpet
Acoustic draperies
Soundproof doors
Membrane panels

Photographs: Lithuania National Martynas Mažvydas Library Sound Recording Studio. © Audrius Priveda