We perform author supervision, object inspection, supervision of the quality of contract work, which directly influences the result of architectural acoustics, sound insulation and noise control.

Often, project participants have a peculiar vision of a good acoustic solution that does not necessarily coincide with physics or good practice. To name a few: painting fibrous acoustic absorbers, attaching resonant acoustic panels directly to a solid surface, using fibrous materials for sound insulation, improper assembly or partitioning of engineering system components, confusion of architectural acoustics and sound insulation materials, etc.. These and other similar errors are repeated on an ongoing basis, regardless of the completeness or accuracy of the documentation provided.  To avoid these errors, we can provide consultations. The frequency of consultations depends on the specifics of the work and the general agreement with the customer. Typically, visits are made at least prior to the start of each individual phase, during which the general principles are explained to the contractor, key details are given, prompt and immediate communication in the event of unforeseen situations and issues is agreed upon. Project supervision is essential when it comes to a higher desired level of quality.

Lithuania music and theatre academy music innovation study centre

Lithuania music and theatre academy LMTA music innovation study centre was opened in 2014. There are 3 acoustically sensitive spaces in the centre: spherical sound recording studio, studio montage and control room, auditorium. We have prepared architectural acoustics, acoustic interior, sound insulation and noise control projects for the spaces above. The projects were completed with contract control.