We prepare BREEAM / LEED / LZPT assessment reports for buildings of sustainable standards for all categories concerning internal acoustics, sound insulation, noise level and protection from external noise.

BREEAM / LEED / LZPT assessment is performed as follows – we prepare an assessment plan, provide tasks and recommendations to the design team, evaluate the decisions made, perform measurements, consult, perform site inspection and supervision of work execution, prepare and submit final reports for obtaining credits.

BREEAM / LEED / LZPT or their analogues are voluntary assessment methodologies that identify best practices for the design of sustainable buildings. These certificates are awarded to the buildings with the lowest environmental impact during their entire life cycle.

BREEAM – Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, has been in use in the UK since 1990. The largest certifying organization in the world.

LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a building assessment methodology, has been in use in the United States since 1998. The most common in the world.

LZPT – building assessment methodology initiated by the Lithuanian Green Building Council, Applied in Lithuania since 2018.