Lithuanian National Drama Theatre reconstruction

The last reconstruction of the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre took place in 1981 when architects Vytautas and Algimantas Nasvyčiai renovated the theater. Over the course of 40 years, there have been several changes – building repairs were carried out, engineering systems were replaced, newer stage equipment was acquired, but a fundamental overhaul of the theater was lacking.

Akustika+ house of polish culture in vilnius

Where sound and architecture meet, culture begins. Productions are staged, and music is performed. There are even more opportunities to immerse, communicate, and spread one’s understanding of perceiving the environment around us. The new space in the Polish Cultural House – the main event hall – is another testament to how important it is to have a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing environment for creativity. We are grateful for being invited. The “Akustika plius” team was delighted to design sound insulation, architectural acoustics, and interior for it.